Teacher Testimonials

brad“Ely Acker is a consummate professional, and a joy to work with. We met briefly at a teacher’s meet-up in Prague, and talked about my interest in going solo in teaching English. She gave me a few pointers, and I thought that would be it.

Since then, Ely has gone out of her way to check on me and my efforts to develop my business. Whether it be saying she’s found a typo on my website or asking if I’ve tried a new teacher’s forum, Ely has been a constant source of encouragement and advice. I value her deep knowledge of the field and her patience as I ask numerous questions – sometimes more than once. She’s even been helpful in places outside of the business, like other ways to exploit my talents or how to deal with the occasionally difficult life of an expat.

Thanks to Ely, in the space of a few months I am making more from private students than my language school (which I am quitting) and am realistically expecting to double or even treble what I made there. I highly recommend Ely not just as an English teacher, but as a guide to the wild, wacky,  rewarding world of teaching English.”

Brad Rousse
New York City/Windham, Maine, USA
Teaching English in Prague

Mic“I met Ely through a Teacher Creature “Meet Up” group. She subsequently mentored me in the updating of my Teacher Creature Profile into something that has actually got me some very good students; as a marketing professional she was able to advise me not only what to include but also on how to say it.

She teaches exclusively online, in which I was interested, and subsequently demonstrated to me how she does it. Her teaching style impressed me greatly and so did the manner in which she taught grammar. She has a wonderful voice and a warm inviting manner; she strikes me as being a natural.

I then asked her to prepare a website for me. I cannot say it was an easy process for me, but the end result is good and fits what I wanted. Of great importance she made videos of all the necessary stages to enable me to edit the website myself, which are not only invaluable in their instruction but also fun to watch.

If you are a new or experienced teacher wanting help in getting started or help dong a “revamp”, then I am sure Ely can help you.”

Michael Homfray -Davies, formerly a UK Labour Court Judge